What Makes CSC an Exceptional Public Chain?

1. Great performance

Speaking of the performance of a public chain, the most commonly used indicator is TPS, the number of transactions that a public chain can process per second. Simply put, TPS is like throughput. The higher the TPS, the greater the performance of a public chain. CSC features a TPS of up to 1,000. To understand what that means, we can compare CSC’s TPS with that of Ethereum and BSC.

  • Ethereum: 15
  • CSC: 1,000

2. A high degree of decentralization

Decentralization is also a major indicator for assessing public chains. If a chain is not sufficiently decentralized, validators can collide with each other when casting votes, and sometimes multiple validators could be controlled by one validator, which is what happened on EOS. CSC, on the other hand, features a high degree of decentralization. The public chain accommodates up to 101 validators, much higher than the 21 supernodes of EOS.

3. Enhanced security

First of all, CSC was built by the CoinEx team. As a world-renowned crypto exchange, CoinEx is backed by one of the earliest developer teams in the industry, with expertise in technology R&D and global operations in the crypto space. Hacking is common among exchanges, and even Binance was once hacked. However, CoinEx has maintained a zero-accident record for five straight years, which is an exceptional track record in terms of security. CSC, a public chain developed by the team, has been running steadily since its launch in June 2021. CoinEx’s strong tech team keeps CSC secure.

4. An emphasis on ecosystem building: CSC introduced Multi-Million Dollar Supportive Plan

The success of a public chain ecosystem is inseparable from the strong support of the public chain behind it. In this regard, EOS serves as a counter-example. To date, EOS remains the public chain that raised the most funds. Yet, Block one, EOS’s parent, did not spend the funds raised on the growth of the EOS ecosystem but on compliance. Block one wasted the precious window of opportunity, which is why EOS started off well but lost its momentum.



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