The First Anniversary of CoinEx Smart Chain(CSC): Link the World with Blockchain

Capture the market with quality and win the future with word of mouth

After a year of development, CSC has drawn DApps in various fields and diverse basic tools to its ecosystem. Apart from the must-have DEX, cross-chain bridge, and wallet, CSC has also attracted projects in trending segments like NFT and GameFi. With high user activity, CSC is well received among both developer teams and users. Such success is inseparable from its long-term commitment to “Being the Infrastructure of the Blockchain World”.

Source: Defi Llama

A fruitful year, a fresh new journey

From an objective view, it’s just a matter of time before the current bear market is gone. After all, the crypto market is full of vitality and enjoys rosy prospects. A bull market will come after the emerging industry gains momentum during the downturn.



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