MyCointainer: The User-Friendly Platform for Simple Crypto Earnings

CoinEx Smart Chain
4 min readMay 9, 2023


Over the past two years, crypto prices have soared, generating enormous wealth for early crypto investors. Meanwhile, cryptos have quickly become a popular investment option for global investors, which has attracted a growing number of investors.

However, investing in crypto requires professional know-how, which can be very demanding for beginners. This has triggered the appearance of all-in-one investment platforms that aggregate various crypto products to offer investment options with maximized returns.

MyCointainer provides exactly such a convenient investment platform for crypto beginners.MyCointainer is a new project in the CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) Ecosystem( allows users to earn passive income by staking and masternoding various cryptocurrencies.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what MyCointainer is and how it can help users make money passively from their cryptocurrency portfolio. We will explore the benefits of using MyCointainer, its services and strengths, the steps users can take to start earning on the platform and finally, we will explore its future development.

What Is My Cointainer?

MyCointainer is an innovative project in the CSC chain Ecosystem that offers a convenient and user-friendly platform designed to help people manage their cryptocurrency investments and earn passive income from their portfolios.

MyCointainer offers a range of features for earning passive income from cryptocurrency investments. Through staking and yield farming, users can earn rewards effortlessly while contributing to the network’s security. The platform also provides cashback on transactions made in online stores, offering users a convenient way to shop and receive returns. These features make MyCointainer a comprehensive solution for managing and growing one’s cryptocurrency investments, with a range of options for earning passive income and optimizing returns.

MyCointainer is a suitable choice for anyone seeking to simplify the management of their cryptocurrency investments, regardless of their level of experience. The platform’s user-friendly interface and extensive features make investing in cryptocurrency accessible and straightforward for everyone.

What are My Cointainer‘s services and strengths?

MyCointainer has several strengths that differentiate it from other cryptocurrency passive income platforms. MyCointainer offers a user-friendly platform with comprehensive features for earning passive income and growing crypto assets. It provides competitive fees for staking and masternode hosting, attractive APR rewards for staking various cryptocurrencies, and airdrop notifications.

MyCointainer features an exchange service which offers flexible trading options across several blockchains, while its cashback service rewards users for purchases from major retailers. Users can also take advantage of MyCointainer’s mining and cold/DeFi staking capabilities.

Overall, MyCointainer is a cryptocurrency passive income platform that offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive features like competitive fees, APR rewards, airdrop notifications, an exchange service, cashback rewards, mining, DeFi staking, and enhanced security features.

How Can Users Make Money With MyCointainer?

MyCointainer offers several ways for users to earn money without much effort. These include staking, masternoding, receiving cashback, and mining different cryptocurrencies. In the following guide, we will explore each of these methods and explain how users can make money using MyCointainer.

l Staking: MyCointainer features over 120 crypto assets that include trending coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, allowing users to stake any crypto and earn daily returns.

l Cold & DeFi Staking (delegate coins to nodes or stake with MyCointainer decentralized pools): Users can delegate their in-wallet tokens directly to nodes or stake coins in DeFi Staking Pools and Cold Staking Pools to earn staking rewards.

l Earn crypto while shopping online: MyCointainer offers cashback rewards from over 2,300 online merchants. Users can make purchases at online stores and receive USDT cashback for every transaction.

l Mining: Users can start mining and earn crypto with MyCointainer’s simple mining application, without having to purchase expensive equipment or management technology.

l Airdrops: MyCointainer’s airdrop feature helps users stay attuned to the latest airdrops in the crypto space and offers guides to airdrops, so that users can earn rewards from various airdrops, challenges, and giveaways.

l Referral: Users can join MyCointainer’s referral program to earn rewards by referring friends to the platform. Once a friend registers a MyCointainer account via the user’s referral link and starts earning crypto on the platform, the user can earn up to 20% commission from the income of the referred user.

MyCointainer is looking into the future by planning to expand its services and features to provide an even more comprehensive solution for earning passive income and growing crypto assets.

The platform aims to enhance its user experience, add new cryptocurrencies, and improve its security features. MyCointainer’s vision for the future includes further developments in staking, yield farming, and DeFi, making it a top choice for cryptocurrency investors seeking a trustworthy and efficient platform to manage their investments.