Inviting Outstanding Players for Ecosystem Building|CSC Recruits “Pioneer Ambassadors”

Since the launch of its mainnet in June, CSC has established the $10 million support fund and the special fund for metaverse projects. In September, CSC and ViaBTC Capital co-hosted the three-month CSC Global Hackathon Grants, which attracted plenty of outstanding developer teams from all over the world to seek growth in the CSC ecosystem.

From the infrastructure for Web 3.0 to crypto applications such as NFT and DeFi, they have contributed to the sustained growth of the CSC ecosystem across the board. The development of a blockchain ecosystem is inextricably linked with the diversity of on-chain projects, the advancement of technologies, and the growth of its community. Recently, CSC has officially launched the “Pioneer Ambassador Recruitment Program” to fully tap into the strength of projects, technologies, and community and to involve crypto experts and influential KOLs in the management of CSC.

CSC strives to create a new era of public chains by integrating community, technology, and projects

The Pioneer Ambassador Recruitment Program aims to invite “Community Sermons”, “Technology Enthusiasts”, and “Project Ambassadors” into the CSC ecosystem, thereby gathering new talents in all segments to unleash the potential of CSC, a new conducive environment for crypto development.

The development of an ecosystem is inevitably underpinned by the bottom-layer backing of the asset circulation. A prosperous public chain ecosystem is inseparable from diverse and active on-chain projects. To create more diverse sectors of the ecosystem and explore more promising projects, CSC has started recruiting “Project Ambassadors”. A Project Ambassador is required to recommend outstanding projects to CSC and keep track of the development progress of the projects. In addition, Project Ambassadors should be willing to share the relevant progress and dynamics of CSC on an ongoing basis and help CSC attract more first-class projects. CSC offers Project Ambassadors a reward of 1,500 USDT for every project they recommend.

The building of a strong community is essential for any blockchain project. For a public chain ecosystem to thrive, community members should be willing to strive towards a prosperous ecosystem, which is only possible if the community is vibrant and upbeat. CSC is fully committed to recruiting “Community Sermons” and building community teams. Community Sermons are responsible for the promotion of CSC around the world and will receive fixed salaries and rewards from CSC. Their duties also include the planning and maintenance of community events, the production of original content related to CSC, and the organization of offline meetups or online AMA events for the local community. We hope to join hands with Community Sermons to unite the power of community members and build a unique community culture for CSC.

In addition to providing an enabling environment, a first-rate public chain ecosystem also shares technologies, supports applications, and facilitates the blockchain cycles. In this regard, CSC has started recruiting “Technology Enthusiasts” to better help developers quickly build Dapps and enrich the functions of the public chain. Technology Enthusiasts are required to share CSC-related technical insights via online streaming, produce development tutorials, and develop small features designated by CSC. They can also get high salaries and handsome rewards from CSC.

Apply to become a Pioneer Ambassador through the following links:

Advancing along a path towards its long-term goals

As a decentralized and highly efficient public chain born for open finance, CSC features full compatibility with the Ethereum ecosystem, high efficiency, ultra-low transaction fees, and permissionless staking for being validators. Ever since the launch of its mainnet, CSC has attracted, supported, and incubated many promising projects through support funds and the hackathon grants, and got through its infancy as a public chain ecosystem. The public chain is now planning for an upgrade of its ecosystem by discovering promising projects, empowering them with technology, and cultivating community-driven momentum in the Pioneer Ambassador Recruitment Program. Relying on the alliance of its ecosystem ambassadors, CSC will pool the strength of Ambassadors to serve all developers and users, and generate real value for the ecosystem.

In the future, cooperation will far outweigh competition. As the crypto sector advances, CeFi and DeFi will continue to merge, and more projects will join the truly open, project-friendly CSC ecosystem. With a key focus on developers and user experiences, CSC aims to build public chain solutions that answer to the demand for high efficiency and low costs. Joining hands with Pioneer Ambassadors, the CSC ecosystem will keep progressing.

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