For Ecosystem Expansion, CoinEx Smart Chain Facilitates Projects Deployment via its Multi-Million Dollar Supportive Plan

Source: DeFi Llama

Embrace Innovation and Make Solid Efforts on the Way Forward

CSC is backed by CoinEx Exchange. As a world-renowned exchange, CoinEx has a team consisting of the earliest practitioners in the blockchain industry with rich experience in crypto technology R&D and global operations. It has maintained a zero-accident record for five years. CSC, a public chain CoinEx independently developed, has also been running stable since its mainnet launch last June.

Find the next blockchain unicorn through the Multi-Million Dollar Supportive Plan

As more innovative categories continue to emerge, CSC has embraced the new blockchain segments. It welcomes all outstanding and promising developer teams that are looking for a new chain. With the Multi-Million Dollar Supportive Plan, CSC encourages more developers to migrate/build projects in the CSC ecosystem and enjoy improved development experiences.

Source: GoinGecko



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