CSC | The Progress of the DEX OneSwap

Source: The Block

A status quo breaker in the face of challenges: product innovation via gamification

OneSwap is an innovative decentralized exchange (DEX) running on multiple public chains, including Ethereum, BSC, CSC, and Tron. The exchange does not require any permission to list tokens and features automated market-making (AMM).

A developed DEX ecosystem & a diversified platform

The innovation and improvement of products & features are major growth targets of a DEX. In this regard, OneSwap has delivered three innovations:

  1. Enhanced liquidity, security, and transparency thanks to the AMM-based on-chain order book.
  2. Improved utilization rate of CSC-powered project tokens as a result of multi-crypto merged mining.
  3. Prediction, an innovative, gamified product.


DEXs, which are major DeFi infrastructures, will witness new breakthroughs and revolutions. In the future, OneSwap will introduce more innovative projects to keep improving its DEX ecosystem in different aspects and enable the sustainable growth of DEXs.



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