CSC-powered NFT Projects that Deserve Your Attention

Just a few days ago, the campaign committee of South Korean presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung suggested that DPK may become the first party in the world to raise funds in a presidential election by releasing NFTs, according to The Korea Times. Looking back at the most memorable crypto moments in 2021, one must mention the NFT boom that was triggered by a digital artwork sold for $69 million. According to The Block Research, the trading volume of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) exceeded $13 billion in 2021. As of December 28 (US time), compared with the figure in 2020, the trading volume of NFTs soared by 42,988%.

As a growing number of people flock to the NFT market, the NFT boom will only continue in 2022, especially those related to the metaverse or games. Apart from the established public chains that have been made popular by NFT, emerging public chains have also started to give priority to the opportunities presented by NFTs. CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), the mainnet of which was just launched last year, now boasts many NFT projects. Today, let us go through the three most outstanding NFT projects on CSC.

I. Mini Utopia

Official website:

Mini Utopia is an NFT ecosystem that aims to enable participation by all. As the first and only platform that determines the price of NFTs through voting, Mini Utopia seeks to price NFTs using a voting system, which differs from other NFT marketplaces where NFTs are priced by creators. This virtually eliminates the risk of impermanent losses for NFT buyers. Also, Mini Utopia is the DeFi protocol that can allow Voters to earn Incentives for participating in the ecosystem which lowers liquidation risk.

On Mini Utopia, you can trade NFTs, earn NFTs, and win NFTs.

Users can earn Mini Utopia for free with super NFT, through Voting Pools and by providing liquidity. Mini Utopia is a simple supply governance token. Mini Utopia holders will have voting power on NFTs, fees, and distribution of earnings on this and all future Yamp products.

II. CoinExGem

Official website:

CoinExGem is the next leading community-driven project developed on CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) to foster the wild adoption of CoinEX Blockchain through an inclusive NFT Metric platform and a lottery pools system.

CoinExGem has introduced a new mechanism called Weekly Lottery.

Weekly Lottery: The Weekly Lottery pool game is a provably fair game based on Tickets owned by the players. Players will be required to hold a given amount of CxGem tokens in their wallet before buying Lottery Tickets. It will have diverse pools based on CxGem tokens holding requirements with different reward systems.

On January 2, 2022, CoinExGem has started a whitelist presale campaign where users can buy 20 CxGem with 1 CET. Soon, CxGem will be officially listed on CMC and CGC.

III. Omega Club

Official website:

Omega Club, a card-based football game, was upgraded to Omega Club v2 in January, which marks its official transition to a P2E NFT game project — “You need to play to earn $OMEGA”. We are confident that the game, which allows players to enjoy a football game while earning NFTs, will be the first choice for many football fans.


1. You must have at least three NFTs cards to join the match.

2. Your NFT will lose energy every time you play and low energy also lowers your chances of winning.

3. Level upgrades require EXP points and you still need to use $OMEGA to upgrade to v1.

CSC has been focusing on the introduction and support of projects since day one. From the CSC Global Hackathon Grants to the $10-mllion support fund to Ambassadors that work to attract more projects to CSC, the public chain has taken many steps to expand its ecosystem. As NFT becomes enormously popular in such fields as art and games, CSC has also started to focus on NFT projects and introduced special funds to support them.

Open to all NFT projects, CSC has put forward many innovative and interesting ideas to make itself more valuable. Right now, CSC-powered NFT projects cover segments like voting-priced NFTs, lottery, and games. As its ecosystem expands, more developers will join CSC and build their NFT projects on this amazing public chain.

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