CSC Pioneer Program丨Leading the Public Chain Sector While Promoting Token Growth, CSC Invites You to Explore the Crypto Space

Do you want to witness new history? Do you wish to mark your name in the history of crypto development? Would you like to make new contributions to the crypto future together with visionaries from all over the world?

If your answer is yes, then come and join the CSC Pioneer Program. Together, we will become the pioneers of our time and build a bright future!

With massive funding support and a focus on project implementation, CSC invites you to explore the crypto world

The advancement of crypto technologies is always backed by well-established applications. A thriving public chain is not only underpinned by strong technical fundamentals, but also a large user base and extensive project participation.

As an epoch-making new player in the history of crypto development, CSC has continued to perfect its crypto ecosystem and promote the sound growth of various blockchain applications ever since the launch of its mainnet in June. Thanks to the support of a strong team and innovative core technologies, CSC has achieved rapid growth in only a few months and gained a foothold in the global market of public chains.

CSC pursues visionary goals while making solid progress. As the CSC ecosystem thrives, the public chain is also expanding its influence in the global crypto community.

To this end, CSC has rolled out the CSC Pioneer Program on a global scale. You are welcome to apply for the program and get incentives and support from CSC if you are a crypto veteran with technological innovations or an influence in the crypto community and are willing to contribute to the growth of CSC.

Apply to become a CSC Pioneer through the following links:


To make the Program accessible to crypto users in all fields, CSC has introduced three Pioneer roles targeting different user groups.

Community Sermon

CSC offers Community Sermons a fixed salary. As a Community Sermon, you can also get additional rewards depending on how active and influential the community is.

Technology Enthusiast

As a Technology Enthusiast, you can also get a fixed salary. CSC will offer additional rewards according to your contribution in terms of technical talks, development tutorials, and product development.

Project Ambassador

Compared to the Community Sermon and Technology Enthusiast, Project Ambassadors could play a bigger role. As a Project Ambassador, you will get large referral rewards once the recommended project is launched on CSC. The more projects you recommend, the more rewards you can get.

Driven by the technical core of CSC, the Pioneer Program seeks to expand the public chain’s influence in terms of crypto concepts, project implementation, and DApps through economic incentives and resource support. The Program invites crypto veterans to explore the future development of crypto technologies together with CSC. By joining the Program, you will become a crypto pioneer who can seize the first-mover advantage in the crypto era.

CSC leads the future by reaching consensus and drawing strength from global users

As crypto technologies advance, new business models underpinned by crypto technologies have emerged, covering supply chain finance, NFT, DeFi, the Internet of Things, blockchain infrastructure, etc. The technical progress has brought new growth momentum to the post-Internet market and sped up the creation of a new business landscape where crypto technologies function as the infrastructure that underpins the new business models.

CSC, an all-inclusive public chain focusing on infrastructure, strives to build a more convenient and efficient public chain network that lowers costs for users and improves the development efficiency in the crypto world. The public chain is fully committed to developing and promoting crypto technologies.

The CSC Pioneer Program presents opportunities as well as challenges. Whether you are a community KOL, crypto geek, or just an average crypto user, you are welcome to join the Program as a CSC Pioneer and explore the diversified development of the crypto sector with CSC. Together, we will pool our advantages and create more feasible application scenarios of crypto technologies.

As a CSC Pioneer, you could benefit from plenty of advantages. First of all, you could engage in market trends that promise great profitable opportunities through your influence in crypto communities. Secondly, you could become the muse for CSC’s ecosystem building via the flexible use of your tech expertise. Thirdly, you could discover potential CSC-powered applications with excellent business tactics. Last but not least, you will carry CSC’s crypto mission and facilitate the implementation of crypto technologies.

Apply for the Program now to embark on an extraordinary journey to the future together with CSC and fellow crypto elites!

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