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CoinEx Smart Chain
5 min readAug 5, 2022

It gives us great pleasure to announce to our community members that MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain Hackathon will be live on August 10!

During the past ten-odd years, GameFi has seen a seismic shift, and smart contract developers are reshaping such fields as finance, gaming, and social networking. As an emerging public chain, CSC aims to evolve into the infrastructure of the blockchain world that provides improved services for blockchain developers, enabling them to realize their blockchain dreams and build better next-gen blockchain applications.

Welcome to MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain Hackathon! Build a fun app that features social networking and metaverse elements on CSC and win $100,000.

This year’s CSC hackathon aims to introduce more developers to the public chain and help them build their own metaverse projects on CSC while encouraging more community members to experience the metaverse, GameFi, and SocialFi. During the past supportive plans of CSC, we saw many outstanding DeFi projects. As such, we hope that more MetaFi projects will contribute to CSC’s ecosystem building during the present hackathon.

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About the Hackathon

  • Time: August 10 — October 28
  • Submission period: August 10 — October 12
  • Judging period: October 17 — October 24
  • Winner Ammouncement: October 28

What kinds of projects we prefer?

  • Web 3.0 Infrastructure : These project shall adhere to the principles of decentralization, interoperability and composability, and presented as either a tool that users can directly utilize or a foundation on which other applications can be deployed.
  • SocialFi : These projects should combine DeFi and social networking features meawhile users won’t lose their privacy or risk to lose their assets.
  • GameFi : These projects can be game projects with DeFi fetures embeded, meanwhile they should adhere to decentralization with no risks for users to lose their assets.
  • NFT : These project should stipulate how a piece of NFT is created and where its value comes from. The policy and process regarding the NFT’s transfer should also be made clear
  • Other creative projects including DeFi, tools and more.


Build a Dapp on CoinEx Smart Chain and deploy on at least Testnet:

What to Submit

  • Provide a URL to your working project and a whitepaper or lightpaper to demonstrate the tokenomics and project ideology of your project.
  • Project a URL and access to your project code repository. Access must be given by either making it public or sharing with and
  • Provide deployed smart contracts from your project on the CoinEx Smart Chain.
  • Include a video (about 3 minutes) that demonstrates your submission. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook Video and made public.
  • Projects need to at least finish deployment on Testnet with full function. In order to get the best chance to win, you may select the categories of your project solution.
  • Project developers will need to provide your email address, telegram ID as contact information and join the discord server. (Will be added when the hackathon started)

*Please note that, we highly encourage all projects to build on CoinEx Smart Chain, however only those who have fully been deployed on CoinEx Smart Chain testnet are eligible for prize claiming.


  • Gold (Grand Prize ) : $20000 in USDT
  • Silver (2): $15000 in USDT
  • Bronze (2):$10000 in USDT
  • Runner Ups (6): $5,000 in USDT

Judging Criteria

Each criterion holds equal weighting. Judges will rate the submissions from 1 to 5 stars on each of the following criteria:

  • Concept Quality: How creative and attractive the project will be , if the tokenomics of the project is healthy or not, and if the utility of the token is reasonable or not?
  • Implementation: How complete is the project development? Is the website or prototype ready for users? How well constructed are the community engagement features, gameplay or tokenomics? If the token has been implemented to the dapp?
  • User Experience : Are the project features well thought out and easy to use? If users are able to understand the concept of the project easily? How fluent and user-friendly is the product?
  • Potential Impact : How in demand is this type of project? Is it reasonable that this project will be popular amongst the community? Does the team show potential to continue to improve and promote their project?

What is CSC? What does it offer?

CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) is a decentralized and efficient public chain created by the CoinEx team for decentralized finance. The public chain, perfectly compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, features high efficiency, low fees, as well as permissionless validators. All developers can easily build their own decentralized applications based on CSC or quickly deploy their EVM applications on CSC.

CSC comes with 101 validators that generate blocks in a sequence determined by the amount of CET staked by each validator, which ensures the decentralization and security of the public chain to the greatest extent possible. Meanwhile, CSC’s low fees also help it stand out from the many public chains out there. At the moment, it only takes 0.01 CET, or about $0.0005, to execute a transaction on CSC. Such features make CSC an enabling environment for developers to build high-frequency applications.

Apart from technical convenience, CSC also provides comprehensive support that meets your demands. Having been dedicated to the blockchain industry for six years, the CoinEx team has built many first-rate products, including ViaBTC Pool, CoinEx Exchange, CoinEx Smart Chain, ViaBTC Capital, ViaWallet, and OneSwap. Relying on its strong network of blockchain resources built over the years, the team offers projects strong support in terms of fundraising, token trading, media promotions, and community expansion.

Through this hackathon, we hope to identify more projects that share our ambitions for MetaFi and Web 3 to spread the value of blockchain together.

Developing resource:

Metamask configuration:

  • Mainnet:

chainID: 52
symbol: CET
explorer: CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) Explorer

  • Testnet:

chainID: 53
symbol: tCET
explorer: CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) Explorer

Build with us to power the development of Blockchain technology!