CSC Hackathon Grants: Connecting Developers Around the World, While Planning for an Open and Diverse Crypto Ecosystem

Co-hosted by CoinEx Smart Chain and ViaBTC Capital, the CSC Global Hackathon Grants made a brilliant appearance in the latter half of 2021. With plenty of strong performers, the Grants witnessed a clash of inspiration and creativity. Meanwhile, as the first global hackathon hosted by CSC, the Grants carries CSC’s vision of gathering developers around the world for the joint construction of an open tech ecosystem.

When the application process of the Grants started, we were impressed by the great enthusiasm of community developers. The hackathon is now in full swing. We have been repeatedly amazed by the constant inspirations from developers and the new value they created for the digital world. Meanwhile, the performance of the participating teams and the quality of applications are also on the rise.

Following market trends, CSC has brought a large number of applications to co-build an open crypto ecosystem for the world

Supported by CSC and ViaBTC Capital, developers from all over the world have thrived and matched their technical capacity with the resources offered by the Grants. As a result, plenty of pioneering applications have been created, which further enhanced the strength of the global CSC ecosystem and contributed to a prosperous, healthy, and secure tech ecosystem.

During the event, we have seen the comprehensive service platform CoinMill, which brings people a wide range of DeFi services, reshapes the token economy, lowers the threshold of the cryptocurrency use, yet enhances its circulation. There is also Digital Verse, a one-stop NFT service platform based on AI video, as well as the Web 3.0 infrastructure service provider IFTip Bot that improves the ease of use of crypto technologies. Among the countless innovative applications that we have seen, Waterloan has stood out.

As the top performer in the Grants, Waterloan has attracted much user attention. At the same time, to enable the crypto project to thrive, the CSC team and ViaBTC Capital have also provided extensive market resources, business channels, and technical services for Waterloan.

On the one hand, relying on its innovative capacity and pioneering efforts, Waterloan has provided new inspirations of development for the entire crypto market. On the other hand, thanks to the resource support and all-inclusive incubation of the Grants, the project has been able to stand on the shoulders of giants. To date, Waterloan’s on-chain assets have exceeded 100 million CET or roughly $6.5 million.

Waterloan merely epitomizes the Grants. As it welcomes more visionaries, the Grants will give rise to more dark horse projects and drive growth in the crypto sector through the clash of ideas and the all-encompassing resource support.

CSC Hackathon Grants, a major driver for the development of crypto applications

The launch of the Grants has demonstrated that the CSC team and ViaBTC Capital can turn a short-term event into a long-term campaign for building crypto infrastructures, thereby gathering great momentum for the application R&D of the entire sector. Cohosted by CSC and ViaBTC Capital, the Grants gathered industry elites from all crypto segments and unlocked enormous potential by “linking” their creative ideas, concepts, and technologies. We have already seen the launch of the star project Waterloan. Furthermore, CSC and ViaBTC Capital have also brought benefits & incentives as well as resource support for outstanding crypto developers with creative ideas. In the future, the Grants will empower more innovative projects and present a new crypto treasure house.

Connecting developers around the world, CoinEx has joined hands with ViaBTC Capital to build a global ecosystem

From the perspective of project growth, the Grants will promote a level of development. Meanwhile, in light of the two hosts, CSC and ViaBTC Capital, we can tell that the Grants also reflects the two’s expectation for creating a globalized ecosystem.

As an innovative ecosystem-focused public chain for the world, CSC boasts resources and growth plans that cover all crypto segments. Moreover, combining services such as funding, resource support, and post-investment assistance, ViaBTC Capital is an ecosystem-based investment with global recognition. The Grants represents the cross-segment collaboration between the two. With the well-rounded support in terms of resource, technology, personnel, and market, CSC and ViaBTC will give rise to many ecosystem partners, with the Grants at their core. Such partners can work with the two in building the next-generation decentralized crypto infrastructure while satisfying the unmet needs in the whole crypto market, making themselves important drivers for the development of crypto applications.


Right now, as the crypto sector faces a great many uncertainties, a wide range of crypto applications are yet to be launched. Against such a backdrop, the Grants has provided a boost for the market and connected developers around the world. As it shatters the limits of crypto technologies and applications and injects fresh vitality into the crypto space, the Grants has also provided an enabling growth environment for many infant projects.