CSC Gains the Upper Hand: How Crypto Technologies Drive Growth

In recent years, blockchain, a state-of-the-art technology, has gradually become a key focus of technicians in all fields. As a newcomer to the race, CSC has been striving for innovation and breakthroughs. To facilitate the concentrated development of innovative blockchain projects and to improve the CSC ecosystem, CSC and ViaBTC Capital co-hosted the CSC Global Hackathon Grants on September 15. The next day, heads of CSC and ViaBTC Capital Haipo Yang and Bonnie joined an AMA event online.

CSC and ViaBTC Capital working together to unlock new crypto opportunities

During the AMA event, heads of CSC and ViaBTC Capital Haipo Yang and Bonnie Chen focused on aspects covering the development vision, the purpose of hosting the CSC Global Hackathon Grants, and their future expectations for the blockchain community.

In the AMA, Yang and Chen elaborated their vision of the crypto future in a way that clearly shows the insightful plans of CSC and ViaBTC Capital in the crypto sector. It is thus clear that they intend to “change the world through technology” and pursue steady long-term development. Secondly, a closer look at their views will tell us that the two agree on almost every subject, including the assessment of projects.

“ Yang believes that project teams should be down-to-earth and change the world step by step, while Chen also agrees that promising projects are always backed by pragmatists constantly pushing for technical progress.” The same beliefs and values they share have brought them together to this cooperation, and we have every reason to believe that the CSC Global Hackathon Grants will impress the whole crypto community.

From the CSC Global Hackathon Grants to the AMA event, we can see clearly that on the face of the collaboration, CSC and ViaBTC Capital are integrating high-quality resources and improving their ecosystems, yet in fact, both of them intend to empower more outstanding projects that will drive the future development of the blockchain sector. Their concerted efforts have blazed a trail for the value-centered development of the crypto community and brought new opportunities to the sector!

Moreover, according to the two executives, the Grants aims to create an arena where geeks can compete, learn from each other, improve their projects, and create more innovative crypto solutions.

CSC and ViaBTC Capital gain the upper hand through the hackathon that sparks more ideas and speeds up changes

Through the hackathon, CSC and ViaBTC Capital hope to raise the technical competence of crypto workers and create an enabling environment where they innovate, learn from each other, collaborate, and work for changes.

The Global Hackathon Grants hosted by CSC and ViaBTC Capital have attracted many geeks, who will showcase their technical perspectives and share their expertise by all means. The concerted ideas and efforts in the Grants will give birth to impressive crypto solutions.

Learning from each other
On the grand stage created by CSC and ViaBTC Capital, the crypto geeks will share their expertise and showcase their masterpiece, so that all participants will be inspired to come up with better solutions. Developers will also evaluate each other’s works as they go for the prize, which helps them examine their projects and fix the defects. This process brings new learning opportunities and extensive inspirations to each developer.

In the AMA event, Haipo Yang repeatedly mentioned that in addition to the prizes, CSC will also provide more exposure to the outstanding developers and projects through the CoinEx ecosystem, covering AMA interaction, promotions, Twitter coverage, etc. These top business resources will help the strong performers quickly get through their infancy.

Supported by industry leaders like CSC and ViaBTC Capital, the Grants will empower the participating projects to grow and shine as they give play to their value and push for more progress of the entire crypto community.

Looking back on the AMA event, we can tell that Bonnie Chen “hopes that the financial and resource incentives of the Grants will help build an enabling environment for constant innovation that gives rise to more innovative applications”. Haipo Yang has also mentioned many times that the $300,000 prize pool is only part of the many benefits CSC offers. The public chain hopes to build a closed-loop that integrates the public chain with high-quality projects. Together with these projects, CSC plans to create a sound ecosystem, fill the gap in the crypto market, and drive the industry-wide growth.


In the blockchain space, where technologies are growing fast, technical breakthroughs are particularly important. By co-hosting the CSC Global Hackathon Grants, CSC and ViaBTC Capital hope to empower geeks and tech enthusiasts in the crypto community and encourage them to progress by learning from each other. This “upgrade” of tech workers will facilitate a transformation of the blockchain world.

The CSC Global Hackathon Grants has merely sounded a clarion call for changes in the crypto sector. The continued support from the two industry leaders of CSC and ViaBTC Capital will give rise to more blockchain applications that meet market demands and bring more benefits to the tech world!



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