CSC 2022 Year in Review: Setting Sail Towards Ecosystem Empowerment

CoinEx Smart Chain
3 min readDec 30, 2022

2022 might be a tough year. As the global economy slowed down, players in all sectors have had to resort to conservative, prudent operating models. Although the market has been sluggish, the blockchain industry nonetheless revealed many highlights, and the rise of NFTs, the metaverse, and Web3 has not only sped up the innovation and adoption of blockchain technologies but also presented new opportunities for cross-sectoral cooperation. Looking back on 2022, against the volatile fluctuations throughout the blockchain space, public chain ecosystems, which constitute a major blockchain category, are still creating new sources of value.

Forging ahead while pursuing stability and innovation

2022 is a year full of opportunities and challenges. Although CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) remains in its infancy, the chain has scored decent progress in terms of ecosystem development, and the number of DApps deployed on CSC has exceeded 30, which demonstrates the vibrancy of new public chains.

Today, we will review the major milestones of CSC in 2022.

In April, CSC kicked off the Pioneer Ambassador program to recruit Ambassadors worldwide and explore new ways to expand its ecosystem. On CSC, Pioneer Ambassadors extensively engage with users to understand their real demands, which allows CSC to build user-friendly applications and services, delivering benefits to users, CSC, and Ambassadors. Right now, CSC Ambassadors cover multiple regions and allow CSC to grow and evolve by helping it expand its community influence, improve blockchain technologies, and identify promising projects.

In July, the CSC team attended the “Blockchain Global Day” convention in Vietnam. Through face-to-face discussions with local users, the team helped them gain a much clearer understanding of the chain’s security performance and ecosystem value. Meanwhile, the convention also provided an opportunity for CSC to build ecosystem partnerships with blockchain professionals and project teams, thereby expanding its ecosystem.

In August, CSC rolled out the second “MetaFi The CoinEx Smart Chain” hackathon, which lasted three months. With a $100,000 prize pool, the hackathon received over 40 MetaFi-themed projects from participating teams. After comprehensive assessments, the judges awarded prizes to 11 projects. By hosting global hackathons, CSC aims to identify dark-horse projects that meet market demands, provide funding and resource support for such projects, and attract a wide range of applications to its ecosystem.

In December, CSC launched Project Propaganda Weekly to provide tailor-made promotional plans for each project on CSC and help them gain recognition and exposure. Tapping into its brand influence and global market channels, the chain helps CSC projects build a competitive edge and attracts more loyal users by fostering mainstream projects.

Building an enabling ecosystem via concerted efforts

Looking back on 2022, CSC has put users first and adopted multifaceted strategies to expand its ecosystem. On the one hand, the chain has worked to attract premium projects. From recruiting Ambassadors through attending conventions to hosting hackathons, CSC has fully explored user demands and promising projects. On the other hand, the chain has provided strong support for projects within its ecosystem. In addition to funding and tech support during the nascent stage, CSC also introduced a new feature called “Weekly Promotion” to empower CSC projects in all aspects. CSC’s progress in 2022 shows its dynamics as a new public chain. Looking ahead, in 2023, CSC will remain committed to its original motivations, keep up with the latest blockchain development, and build a more sustainable public chain ecosystem for users.