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Since the start of 2023, the crypto market has rebounded with more new projects entering the market. Early participants in the crypto world can always enjoy first-mover advantages, stimulating crypto enthusiasts, not just institutional investors, to invest in premium projects as early as possible. An example in point is GAGARIN, a project built on CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) that connects investors with project teams. It equips investors with know-how and reduces entry barriers to crypto investment for private investors.

What is GAGARIN?

As an automated crypto launchpad platform, GAGARIN not only provides a full range of services for crypto start-ups but also offers investors profitable opportunities, including risk-free IDO investment. In 2022, GAGARIN raised more than $1 million from investors and ranked among the top 5 crypto launchpads.

Opportunities for Private Investors

GAGARIN provides investors with the following ways to earn profits:

  • Invest in projects on GAGARIN Launchpad with a risk-free protection system;
  • Invest in tokens at an early stage on GAGARIN;
  • Enjoy governance rights by purchasing GGR, the native token of GAGARIN, and earn profits by staking GGR via the four existing staking pools: Fixed Pool, Flexible Pool, Community Pool, and Liquidity Pool;
  • Participate in project airdrops;
  • Make earnings through the ambassador referral program.

Recently, GAGARIN and OneSwap, another project on CSC, have co-launched the GGR/CET pool, allowing users to provide liquidity.

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GAGARIN vs Classic Launchpads

Unlike classic launchpads that require investors to conduct full research and learn the relevant technologies before investment, GAGARIN brings together experts, project teams, and investors as users of the platform and members of the community where investors can make sound decisions based on the professional opinions of experts.

GAGARIN streamlines the investment process by integrating a smart investment system, which eliminates the need for investors to conduct research, scrutinize projects, and track investment stages. With GAGARIN, investors just need to log in, lock the investment sum, manage investments with bot notifications, and receive information such as ongoing IDOs and status changes, and even tokens automatically.

Why Should Investors Choose GAGARIN?

GAGARIN offers four key advantages:

  • Secure investments: GAGARIN scrutinizes and examines all projects submitted and features an investor protection program and refund mechanism;
  • Ease of use: Investors just need to connect to their crypto wallet, without having to go through authentication;
  • Multiple ways to earn profits: Users can invest in tokens of promising projects and engage in staking and the referral program;
  • Continuous feedback: The project team promptly responds to all issues raised in the community.

Empowering Project Launch

GAGARIN creates an open market for start-ups, helping them raise funds, and find investors, partners, and contractors. Projects launched on GAGARIN can receive expert evaluations, fund-raising support, and any other assistance for successful launch and promotion. Additionally, GAGARIN World provides start-ups with strategy formulation, operation, and smart contract audits.

Through GAGARIN, new projects can raise investments, launch IDOs or INOs, automatically distribute tokens, attract new community members, conduct marketing campaigns, and receive feedback from a community of professionals and experts.

Going forward, GAGARIN will stay committed to improving its decentralization technologies and introducing new automated tools to offer better solutions that make crypto investments as easy as mobile payment services. With these efforts, GAGARIN will open the way for more investors and project teams to explore the crypto world.

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