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3 min readMar 20, 2023

Having been through a tough year, the blockchain industry is off to a great start in 2023. According to the DappRadar report released in February, although DApp saw a slight slowdown in February 2023, NFT games are still the leading category, making up 45.43% of all DApps. In addition, their average dUAW stands at 736,225, ranking first among DApp categories.

Source: DappRadar

NFT games have always been a popular category, which has attracted institutional investors from around the world and led the Play to Earn boom. Recently, Blockchain Cuties Universe (BCU), a new NFT game built on the CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), has garnered extensive user attention.

Blockchain Cuties Universe is an all-new collectible NFT game that blends adventure, raid bosses, and dungeons. It is also the first crypto game to run on multiple blockchains. In BCU, players get to collect, upgrade, and play with Cuties including puppies, lizards, bear cubs, and cats. Each Cutie is a unique NFT 100% owned by the player. Besides, most game items can be traded within BCU using smart contracts, making it a genuine Play to Earn project (official website:

BCU features three levels of Cuties: Regular Cuties, Tribute Cuties, and Unique Cuties. Regular Cuties are the most common. With appearance and color tied to their genomes, Regular Cuties have no special feature, other than being cute. Tribute Cuties are tributes to modern pop culture, cinema, and video games. Users can get Tribute Cuties upon identifying the correct genome combination. In battles, Tribute Cuties are stronger than Regular Cuties, while Unique Cuties, the ultra-rare breed with a limited supply, can beat up both Regular Cuties and Tribute Cuties.

Try out a Play to Earn project for free

When entering the BCU world for the first time, CSC users can try out the game for free. BCU offers a demo Cutie, a non-blockchain asset that can do most of what a Regular Cutie can do, but with a lower-level cap. The free game experience gives new players a window into the game skills and the charm of the game.

In BCU, users can choose to play in the competitive multiplayer mode or one-on-one battles where the winning Cutie gets a chance to win items. It is noteworthy that the NFTs and items in BCU are not just pretty pictures on the screen. Rather, all game assets in BCU are tradable and practical, allowing players to make real earnings.

Aside from the Play to Earn mechanism, players can also participate in the referral program launched by BCU and become a partner. After registering an account, players will get a personal referral link, which can be shared with friends. Once new players get registered, BCU partners could earn 10% commissions from all transactions completed by the referred players. With the two earning models (Play to Earn & referral commissions), BCU provides players with more opportunities to make earnings.

As an emerging NFT game, Blockchain Cuties Universe has kept exploring innovative gameplay and built an increasingly larger community of loyal users, with a growing number of game accounts. Right now, BCU is available in Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. As the game builds a global presence, it is promoting the development of a new field: Game+NFT.

NFT games are becoming the mainstream, and traditional game companies are also shifting their focus to Web3. As more game studios explore the possibilities of gaming in Web3 and NFT space, we can expect to see more innovation and growth from Blockchain Cuties Universe in the future.