CoinEx Smart Chain’s 1st Anniversary: Free iPhone 13 and Incredible Giveaways

CoinEx Smart Chain
4 min readJun 24, 2022


The CoinEx team launched CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) when public chains, led by Ethereum, boomed in 2021. After repeated testing, analysis, and optimization, CSC officially went live on June 30, 2021. During one year of steady progress, this public chain witnessed a crypto bull and a crypto bear. Through thick and thin, CSC has now evolved into an efficient DeFi ecosystem and a formidable player in the field of public chains.

Standing tall against challenges & connecting the world via blockchain

CSC is not just an underlying blockchain but also a DeFi platform featuring EVM compatibility, high performance, and low fees. After a year of operation and growth, the CSC ecosystem has become more diverse. Apart from DeFi, CSC can also meet demands in many other fields, spanning NFT, GameFi, and the metaverse. The public chain has managed to record outstanding performance in crypto categories with cutthroat competition.

This year, facing a sluggish market, CSC has never stopped advancing and has expanded its presence in terms of infrastructures, supportive programs, and hackathons. As it focuses more on improving and upgrading blockchain infrastructures, the public chain has also rolled out strategies in new sectors. From recruiting public chain Ambassadors through introducing CSC Cross-Chain Bridge and the NFT marketplace to hosting the second CSC hackathon, CSC has been pursuing unique goals with its own considerations for each move. Thanks to such efforts, the CSC ecosystem has stayed stable, launched new projects, and introduced closed-end services despite bearish market conditions.

Incredible giveaways for a global celebration

As CSC celebrates its 1st anniversary, excited and confident, we will host grand online celebrations together with CSC users across the globe. The public chain will kick off multiple events to interact with users and offer incredible giveaways in gratitude for the continued support of global users during the past year. We feel honored to witness CSC’s 1st anniversary with all our users.

Details of the 1st Anniversary Celebration

1. High Rewards for Community Lottery:


A Duration: June 25 — July 5

B Prize pool: $2,000 worth of CET

C Requirements:

a. Change the profile photo of your Twitter and Telegram accounts to CSC’s LOGO

b. Change your Twitter Profile to: CET Address #CoinEx Smart Chain #CSC1Year Anniversary

c. Retweet the event’s Twitter link and @three friends

d. Post a congratulation tweet for CSC’s 1st anniversary and @CSC’s official Twitter account

e. Follow CSC on Twitter, join CSC’s Telegram group, subscribe to CSC on Telegram, and join the Discord server

2. OneSwap: Predict to Earn CET


A Duration: June 30 — July 5

B Prize pool: $660 worth of CET

C Requirements:

  • All users who have participated in Prediction once on OneSwap will have a chance to share $500 worth of CET, and each address can have two chances to share the prize pool.
  • During the event, the user who has won the most CET and the one who has lost the most CET will each receive $80 worth of CET

3. Who Gets the Best CSC Promo?


A Duration: June 25 — July 10

B Prize pool:

  • Most Creative Video: iPhone 13*1
  • Two Runner Ups: 300 USDT

C Requirements

  • Make a video (at least 50s) featuring CSC’s 1st anniversary and the CSC Hackathon
  • Upload the video to any video sharing platform, with the hashtag #CSC1Year Anniversary
  • Most Creative Video: awarded to the most creative, entertaining, and contagious videos with unique CSC introductions and at least 5,000 views on a single platform.
  • Runner Ups: awarded to two creative, entertaining, and contagious videos with unique CSC introductions and at least 5,000 views on a single platform.

*The CSC team reserves the final explanation right of the event.

Building a stronger blockchain foundation & creating the 2.0 landscape

With high performance, professional services, and low fees, CSC has earned the recognition of many project teams, developer teams, and crypto users worldwide. Committed to the vision of “becoming the infrastructure of the blockchain world”, we are convinced that CSC will sail across farther seas.

Looking back, CSC has gone through an adventure that’s full of unknowns and challenges. In the pursuit of our dreams, we have taken solid steps and managed to achieve one success after another. Today, as CSC embarks on a more epic blockchain adventure, we invite the global users of CSC to bear witness to the next CSC miracle!



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