CoinEx Smart Chain Global Hackathon Grants Kicks Off: Top Ideas Compete for $300,000+ Prize

At present, supercharged by the GameFi boom, blockchain-based gaming is undergoing a technological revolution. The linkage of NFT, DeFi, and Game has innovatively combined blockchain games and decentralized finance, endowing users with a great degree of freedom and pushing the game industry into a new era.

Science and technology are the primary productive forces for industry upgrading. So in this craze, leading enterprises have got a mission, that is, to attract innovative talents who promote the core technology of blockchain with theoretical breakthroughs.

Technology innovation that sweeps through the world

The CoinEx Smart Chain Global Hackathon Grants held by CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) under veteran exchange CoinEx together with ViaBTC Capital will officially start on September 15! Having deeply engaged in the blockchain field for many years, the CoinEx team boasts both technical maturity and global marketing resources. It has kept setting up a variety of project funds to help every “crazy idea” and promote the rapid development of the blockchain world with technological innovation.

The Grants will be open to all insightful development teams around the world at zero cost and provide a large stage for global blockchain developers. It seeks to attract more developers to join the CSC ecosystem, build infrastructure, applications, and services on the chain, and bring a new round of business model innovation to the blockchain industry. The CSC team and the community will participate throughout the competition to help developers explore and experience the powerful features of CSC and innovate blockchain applications.

CSC Global Hackathon Grants aims to select novel projects and excellent teams and create a miracle in the crypto world.

Hackathon Agenda:

  • Registration: September 15
  • Projects Submission: 16:00 UTC, September 15-December 12
  • Projects Voting: 16:00 UTC, September 15-December 12
  • Grace Period: December 12-December 15

According to the official introduction, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) realizes full compatibility not only with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) but also with smart contracts on ETH, BSC, and HECO, providing a user-friendly development environment. At present, the CSC mainnet has been launched with the corresponding development documentation, API, test coin faucet, explorer, and other tools. Developers can make full use of the infrastructure, give rein to their imagination, and create fun and exciting blockchain projects that give a full play to the value of blockchain.

Developers can apply to the Hackathon with projects based on EVM contracts or projects to develop applications on CSC. Desired entries include, but are not limited to, the following categories: DEX, lending products, yield aggregators, DEX aggregators, synthetic assets, insurance, stablecoins, NFT, and games. The final poll for the Hackathon will be announced in late December. And for the award, the Hackathon has prepared a total $300,000 prize pool, $100,000 initial prize, and $200,000 ballot bonus. After December 15, the prize will be distributed to the applicant’s account after the winning project is verified. Also, during the Hackathon, multiple rounds of AMA events will be held to help the applicants gain more attention and exposure and attract more votes and funding opportunities.

On the other hand, several industry leaders have been invited to the panel, including CoinEx’s founder Haipo Yang, “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver, PeckShield’s CEO & Founder Xuxian Jiang, TokenInsight’s CEO Wayne Zhao, Warren Fang of ArkStream Capital, Kenny of HappyBlock, EverFinance’s founder Wei Xiong, Nikita Ovchinnik of 1Inch and Forest Bai of Foresight Ventures. The jury team includes leading figures, technology specialists, scholars, and investment experts in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields, and will evaluate and vote on projects throughout the Hackathon.

At 09:00 (UTC) on September 16, one day after the CSC Global Hackathon kicked off, CSC will host a community AMA event with CoinEx’s founder Haipo Yang and ViaBTC Capital’s Principal Bonnie as guests. Starting with CET airdrop benefits, the AMA event will focus on the topics of Hackathon and CSC, and may even reveal the grading criteria on the spot. The two guests will interact with the audience online and answer whatever questions from the fans.

With the rapid development of the blockchain industry, CSC’s Global Hackathon Grants will speed up the CSC ecosystem innovation and promote the evolution progress of the blockchain field. With its new smart chain ecosystem and excellent developer community, CSC will make unremitting efforts for the future crypto economy.

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