CoinEx Smart Chain | Easily Build Web3 Apps With Must-have Developer Tools for Beginners

CoinEx Smart Chain
3 min readFeb 9, 2023

Although 2022 presented major challenges to the crypto sector during a prolonged bear market, the Web3 boom expanded and attracted many entrepreneurs to the field. According to the 2022 Crypto Developer Report released by Electric Capital, as of December 2022, 23,000 monthly individual developers were contributing to open-source crypto code, up 5% year-over-year, and 471,000+ monthly code commits are made monthly toward open-source crypto. The report also pointed out that in addition to top ecosystems such as Ethereum, the number of developers in other ecosystems also continued to expand, with growing developer activity.

Source: 2022 Crypto Developer Report, Electric Capital

As Web3 is still a comparatively new concept, an increasing number of developers, especially beginners, are looking for quicker and easier ways to develop Web3 apps. Today, we will go through two Web3 developer tools designed for beginners, helping developers build their ideal DApps with ease.

l Dev3


Introduction: Dev3 is a low-code development framework and process automation environment for blockchain applications. Dev3 dashboard makes handling smart contracts a breeze: developers get to connect all smart contracts their app uses into a single dashboard, easily handle multi-chain deployments and smart contract versioning, and get an auto-generated admin panel for every connected smart contract.

Regardless of the type of app developers want to build in the blockchain space, Dev3 helps them develop amazing products faster and cheaper by making the development process easier and safer! Dev3 is now available on CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), and developers can effortlessly build DApps on CSC with Dev3.

Build DApps with Dev3’s tutorial:

l NFTMage


Introduction: NFTMage is an NFT tool that helps developers quickly generate NFT collections. Featuring three major functions: NFT Generator, Contract Generator, and dApp Maker, the tool offers a simple, user-friendly, no-code interface and aims to provide developers with easier and more friendly Web3 development solutions.

More specifically, the NFT Generator can be used to generate NFTs based on the assets such as artworks, paintings, or even documents provided by developers. This tool includes an easy-to-use interface and various customization options so that users could create their own NFTs and smart contracts. The Contract Generator allows developers to create smart contracts for their NFT collections with the help of Solidity, a programming language. The dApp Maker provides development templates for developers to create NFT Mint DApps effortlessly.

To sum up, NFTMage, which allows developers to generate NFTs, create smart contracts, and build DApps, is a convenient development tool for artists, creators, and developers. Right now, developers can go to CSC to build DApps with NFTMage.

Build DApps with NFTMage’s tutorial:

Aiming to build a high-performing, decentralized financial ecosystem, CSC is an EVM-compatible, decentralized, high-performing, and energy-efficient public chain that uses an innovative PoS consensus mechanism. For beginner developers, the chain not only provides an enabling development environment and development tools but also features the Multi-Million Dollar Supportive Plan, offering support in terms of funding, user traffic, and blockchain resources to infant projects. By introducing NFTMage and Dev3, CSC strives to build a more enabling ecosystem for developing Web3 apps, thereby facilitating innovation and progress in Web3.