CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) Announced the Establishment of A $5 Million Metaverse Special Fund

With its splendid emergence, the metaverse has gone viral beyond the cryptocurrency circle. Even in the traditional financial industry, the prices of metaverse-related stocks keep rising. In 2021, the “metaverse” has undoubtedly become a new money-making project for venture capital — with some magic.

What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is the carrier for human beings to enter the digital age, that is, the ubiquitous and uninterrupted digital network. It has three levels: digital twin, digital native, and virtual reality. (The concept of the metaverse origins from “Snow Crash”)

The concept sounds a bit abstract. To put it simply, future technology will move all the scenes in reality online, while the online world may even have more functions. In this virtual world, everyone will be freewheeling with multiple identities and images, and can trade, get employed, socialize and work there. Even GDP in the metaverse will exceed that of the real world, enabling us to live in a freer world with better credibility and equality where everything will be more efficient. We can say that although the metaverse has yet to be realized, it is undoubtedly the future of the Internet industry.

The metaverse ignites investment passion

The above figure shows an interesting survey from a foreign website. In 2021, most of the technological entrepreneurial projects label themselves as metaverse projects.

All giants have invested in the metaverse this year. Pony Ma, CEO of Tencent, has announced that Tencent will fork out for the solutions of the Complete Reality of Internet(CRI) and digital twin cities. ByteDance has invested in Beijing Code View Technology Co., Ltd., a game company. And for Microsoft, apart from a layout plan in software, its CEO Satya Nadella mentioned the concept of an “enterprise metaverse” in the company’s quarter earnings conference call, and it has also developed AR/VR hardware equipment such as HoloLens and invested in AltspaceVR.

The metaverse shows us another application scenario of public chains except for DeFi. This is an area that every public chain should focus on. In the future, on-chain projects will be increasingly diversified, thus ensuring the prosperity of the ecosystem and the growth of public chains.

With a layout in blue ocean markets, CoinEx sets up a $5 million special fund for the metaverse

As an active promoter and builder of the blockchain ecosystem, the CoinEx team has been closely following the development of the blockchain field. As the metaverse is believed to be the future of the blockchain industry and the public chain lays a foundation for the metaverse, the CSC Foundation has officially launched a $5 million fund as a gesture to boost the development of the metaverse ecosystem and to keep a close eye on this track to spot promising start-ups that integrate the metaverse with their expertise.

Criteria of the project funding:

1) For mature metaverse and NFT projects with more than 10,000 community users: $10,000 will be granted upon they are migrated onto CSC;

2) For projects that already have a white paper, official website, and token model but are not yet launched: as long as they choose CSC as their first destination, they can get the funding of $20,000;

3) For projects in their initial stage: please contact @Seven025 via Telegram for funding consultation. Once the application is approved, they will receive the funding of at least $10,000;

4) The CSC Foundation will offer strategic investments of at least $200,000 to excellent projects among all applicants.

Apply here:

In addition, CSC has also set up a seed fund of $10 million. We welcome all the projects based on EVM or aiming for independent development on CSC to apply for the fund.

Apply for the seed fund here:

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