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According to data from the WHO, the Covid pandemic has spread to more than 150 countries/regions as of March 19. Meanwhile, World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2022 predicts that the number of unemployed worldwide will reach 207 million this year, way higher than the figure (187 million) in 2019, and the global unemployment rate will reach 5.7%.

Rising global unemployment indicates a sharp drop in income level and an increase in the size of the poor population. At the same time, the blockchain industry is creating new jobs for the unemployed to mitigate this trend. In 2021, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), an underlying blockchain infrastructure, launched the CSC Pioneer Program, which is accessible to all competent individuals around the world. The program not only provides new, flexible employment opportunities for low-income groups worldwide but also injects new vitality into the growth of the blockchain industry.

Contribute to the CSC ecosystem to earn considerable paychecks

In 2021, CSC launched the CSC Pioneer Program on a global scale. All tech innovators/influencers in the crypto community willing to contribute to the growth of CSC are encouraged to apply for the program and receive a paycheck and support from CSC.

To build a well-rounded public chain ecosystem, expand its community influence, improve blockchain technologies, and identify promising projects, CSC has introduced three types of Pioneers targeting professionals in different fields.

Community Sermon

CSC offers Community Sermons a fixed salary, as well as additional rewards depending on how active and influential the community is.

Technology Enthusiast

CSC provides Technology Enthusiasts with a fixed salary and will offer additional rewards based on their contribution to tech talks, development tutorials, and product developments.

Project Ambassador

Compared to Community Sermon and Technology Enthusiast, Project Ambassadors could play a bigger role. Project Ambassadors will get large referral rewards once the recommended project is launched on CSC. The more projects a Project Ambassador recommends, the more rewards he/she could get.

Apply for the Program via the link below:

Apart from a fixed salary, CSC pioneers also receive rewards for their contributions. Right now, CSC has built up a team of dozens of pioneers, and some of the outstanding contributors earn tens of thousands of dollars every month. The CSC Pioneer Program has created an opportunity for low-income groups and the unemployed to earn more. Meanwhile, it also constitutes a platform where people with the same aspirations could make joint efforts across time and space.

Become a CSC Pioneer for win-win results

Aiming to build a decentralized financial ecosystem, CSC, launched on June 30, 2021, is an EVM-compatible public chain featuring high performance and low fees. Having created an enabling ecosystem for both developers and users, the public chain now covers on-chain projects across a wide range of popular categories, including NFT, GameFi, and De-Fi.

The CSC Pioneer Program is both a challenge and an opportunity. CSC plans to bring together qualified talents who can make promotional efforts for CSC in the long run. The Program shares knowledge and visions about blockchain and the CSC ecosystem to enhance the awareness of the blockchain industry and the understanding of CSC among the general public. Through the CSC Pioneer Program, blockchain professionals can enrich their work experience and earn additional income. The Program helps them use their blockchain skills and explore the diversified growth patterns of the crypto space via joint efforts.

The CSC Pioneer Program not only creates new employment opportunities for low-income groups but also attracts talents for the advancement of the crypto world.

Apply for the Program to help CSC build a better public chain ecosystem while earning rewards!

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