CoinEx Smart Chain | An Efficient, Simple Public Chain that Turns Sophistication into Simplicity

A developer-friendly protocol

Developer friendliness is one of the major advantages of CSC. Based on its compatibility with EVM, CSC uses PoS, which is an innovative consensus mechanism, to provide developers with a high-performing platform, allowing them to benefit from such CSC features as high throughput, scalability, security, and low costs.

Embrace the multi-chain ecosystem

As the category moves towards a multi-chain universe, public chain ecosystems are needed to enable satisfying user experiences, which highlights the significance of cross-chain bridges. Last year, CSC launched CSC Bridge, through which users can easily swap assets from Ethereum, BSC, and Tron to CSC, enabling the cross-chain circulation of funds.

Long-term plans and incentive programs for ecosystem building

Ecosystem building is the most significant factor in the growth of a public chain. In addition to high performance and smooth user experiences, a public chain should also strive for an enabling development environment, which is reflected by the level of support it provides for emerging projects. Soon after its inception, CSC launched growth funds such as the Multi-Million Dollar Supportive Plan and the Special Metaverse Fund to incentivize ecosystem building. These efforts have attracted more developers and project teams to CSC and lowered the cost of project development on CSC for developers, facilitating truly “simple” project deployment.


Simplicity and ease of use lie at the core of CSC’s vision. CSC aims to create a flourishing ecosystem by building a well-performing, secure, stable public chain environment that features the Multi-Million Dollar Supportive Plan and the Special Metaverse Fund, as well as strong support for ecosystem growth and user education.



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CoinEx Smart Chain

CoinEx Smart Chain

A public chain built for the decentralized exchange. Website: Telegram: