CoinEx Chain Atlantis Hard Fork Successfully Completed with Trading Experience Improvement

Hong Kong, 30 March, 2020 - CoinEx Chain has successfully performed a scheduled hard fork upgrade named Atlantis at block heights of 4,545,600. Without generating any new token, this upgrade is designed to improve users’ trading experience.

As the first hard fork on CoinEx Chain, Atlantis has further upgraded and optimized some features of CoinEx DEX, making it much easier for users to issue tokens at a lower cost. The important updates are as follows:

1. Change the token length and issuance fees;

2. Provide commissions as incentives for wallet App developers;

3. Remove all restrictions on creation and revocation of general Market and Bancor Contract;

4. Service fee will be charged according to the time that the order is actually stored on the chain;

5. Enhance Bancor functions;

6. The CET deposit address of CoinEx Exchange cannot be set as the withdrawal address for staking incomes;

7. Push the amount of reward received by validators and delegators in each block;

8. Several other improvements to facilitate the wallet and explorer development.

“Atlantis shows that we are steadily making headway to bring more functions and technical enhancements to CoinEx DEX. It also reflects our commitment to make CoinEx DEX a truly decentralized exchange that can be used on a large scale,” said Haipo Yang, Founder and CEO of CoinEx. “I’m always sure that DEX will become the cornerstone and greatly expand the boundary of the blockchain industry, as it realizes decentralized governance and operation, as well as license-free issuing and trading of tokens.”

In 2019, CoinEx Chain took the lead to launch the world’s first DEX public chain based on the Tendermint consensus protocol and Cosmos SDK on November 11, and the team will make continuously effort to accelerate the development of the CoinEx Chain ecosystem in the future.

According to the CoinEx Chain development roadmap for 2020 which was announced earlier this year, the DEX Chain will be undergoing a second hard fork upgrade named “Jerusalem” in September. Another highlight of 2020 is the development of Smart Chain, which will help to achieve the goal of programmable currency and support complex financial applications such as Defi.

About CoinEx Chain

CoinEx Chain is the world’s first public chain exclusively designed for DEX. CoinEx Chain aims to develop a trading system that is decentralized, community-driven with self-administered user assets and transparent trading rules. Besides DEX Chain, CoinEx Chain will also include a Smart Chain supporting smart contracts and a Privacy Chain protecting users’ privacy. Ultimately, CoinEx Chain will be a perfect ecosystem powered by the parallel public chain architecture.





Jessica Zhang

CoinEx PR Department




A public chain built for the decentralized exchange. Website: Telegram:

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CoinEx Smart Chain

CoinEx Smart Chain

A public chain built for the decentralized exchange. Website: Telegram:

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