Bogged Finance: All-in-one Platform for DeFi Trading

CoinEx Smart Chain
3 min readMay 18, 2023

Following the bankruptcy of top crypto exchange FTX, most crypto users now associate CEXs with inherent asset risks, which has provided new opportunities for DEXs. Attracted by the higher transparency and reduced asset risks, plenty of users have joined DEXs. Along with the popularization of DEXs, DEX aggregators including Bogged Finance, which are platforms bringing together liquidity from different DEXs, have gradually gained popularity.

Bogged Finance, a multifunctional platform built on CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), offers on-chain data analysis capabilities and a range of tools to help users track and manage their crypto assets, enabling them to easily trade crypto assets across multiple chains.

Bogged Finance provides users with all-in-one on-chain toolkits and supports public chains including CSC, BNB Chain, HECO, PolygonHECO, and Polygon. Here are some of its main features.

·BogSwap-DEX Aggregator

The same crypto is often quoted at slightly different prices across DEXs. Negligible as a few cents may seem, tiny differences may add up to a significant cost for regular traders. In this regard, BogSwap simultaneously obtains crypto prices from more than 50 DEXs, providing users with the best price.

·Bogged Stop Loss

In the volatile crypto market where prices can fluctuate dramatically overnight, stop-loss orders are crucial for users, and Bogged Stop Loss helps traders manage risk and protect their investment portfolios. Once the function is activated, the system will immediately start monitoring the price of the target tokens and automatically execute the sell order once the price falls below the preset value.

For example, if a user holds 1 ETH (assuming the price now stands at $2,000), the user could set up a Bogged Stop Loss condition if he is fearful of losing his entire investment in the event of a sudden collapse. Specifically, the user could set the stop-loss value at $1,500. Upon the activation of Bogged Stop Loss, the 1 ETH will be automatically sold if the price falls below $1,500 overnight.

·Limit Orders

A limit order is an order placed by a user on Bogged Finance that requires execution at the preset price. Bogged Finance’s Limit Orders work just like those on centralized exchanges and are fully automated. Once a user creates a Limit Order on the platform, the system immediately begins monitoring the price of the token that the user plans to buy/sell.


Charts is a tracking and chart tool that helps users make the best investment decisions. It provides real-time charts and trading reports for various cryptos, generates crypto trend lists, and explores and helps users find the next trending coin. The specific functions of Charts include:

1) Instant token price alerts: Get browser or Telegram notifications when the price of a token climbs/falls.

2) Real-time, accurate data: Bogged Finance uses its own data sources and low-latency servers around the globe to ensure that users are as up to date as possible.

3) Get insights into your trades: Buys/sells can be automatically plotted to Bogged Charts with a DeFi wallet connected.

4) Multichart: View multiple DeFi charts in one browser window.

In summary, Bogged Finance is a reliable, multifunctional, and secure platform with an innovative DEX aggregator that provides users with a better way to trade tokens and view real-time charts and wallet data. As more crypto users start using DEXs, a growing number of traders will rely on Bogged Finance for accurate, reliable information.

* The article offers no financial advice.