An Introduction to the Ecosystem of CSC, a Rising Public Chain

Development of the CSC ecosystem

The CSC ecosystem remains in its infancy, and only a few projects are migrated from other chains. In addition to the native projects, DEX projects are growing fast on CSC, and projects in fields like gaming and lending are getting deployed on CSC. Compared with the ambitious expansion of other emerging public chains that were also launched last year, CSC is making steady efforts. As it improves its underlying technologies and consolidates its security and stability, the public chain aims to identify dark horses among the many projects that are flocking to the market. Instead of blindly chasing after trending topics, CSC sticks to its own positioning and strives for a more enabling ecosystem for developers and users.




Omega Club


As the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain world, public chains are designed to meet the demand for fast growth of the industry. Meanwhile, emerging public chains have also created segments of blockchain value outside the realm of Ethereum. CSC remains in its infancy, and most of the top CSC-powered projects in terms of TVL focus on DeFi. That said, the public chain is also slowly exploring more fields and building a public chain ecosystem that combines finance, NFT, and gaming to carry more decentralized Web3 applications and serve more developers and users.



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