A Dialogue with CSC Founder: An Intensive Analysis of the CSC Pioneer Program

CSC hosted an AMA event on Telegram for its Pioneer Program on November, 20021. Haipo Yang, CSC’s founder, also took part in this AMA event held in a social media group and outlined the latest developments of CSC and the content and purpose of the CSC Pioneer Program.

“When it comes to public chains, community consensus is always an unavoidable topic. Community building has always been one of the major tasks for a public chain. The community and the ecosystem of a public chain form a mutually reinforcing symbiosis. CSC has always valued the building of a strong community, and the Pioneer Program is also an attempt to expand our community and ecosystem”, said Haipo Yang.

Below is the full interview of this AMA event:

Host: Haipo, can you recap the recent actions CSC took?

Haipo: During the several months since the launch of the CSC mainnet, CSC has been running stable, and the relevant indicators have been trending upward.

In terms of technology, apart from CSC’s support of NFT token protocols, the CSC team has also adopted many convenient functions and optimizations for the CSC Explorer, including

1) Smart Contract Verification: This feature allows users and developers to verify the authenticity of contracts more conveniently;

2) Statistical graphs & charts, such as CET’s total supply and market cap, CET trading statistics, statistics on CRC20 tokens, and block data.

With these new functions, users can learn about the indicators of CSC with greater ease.

Meanwhile, in terms of project introduction, we launched the $10 million support program, the $5 million metaverse support program, and hosted the first hackathon.

Thanks to such efforts, CSC has received applications from projects across the globe, many of which are outstanding players. In the future, you will see these projects on CSC.

At the moment, although only a few projects are running on CSC, there are also some strong performers, such as Waterloan, IFpool, etc.

To date, more than 100 million CET have been staked in the IFpool mining pool, and over $1 million worth of CET have been deposited in WaterLoan.

Host: As followers of CSC, we all know that CSC rolled out the CSC Pioneer Program a few days ago. Haipo, could you please detail it for us?

Haipo: The CSC Pioneer Program was introduced to expand the CSC ecosystem. CSC strives to become the cornerstone for continued blockchain development while staying committed to our vision of “Born For Open Finance”, which is what we always advocate.

In this process, we invite all blockchain enthusiasts to become part of our team as CSC’s Pioneers.

The CSC Pioneer Program features three roles: Community Sermon, Technology Enthusiast, and Project Ambassador.

As a potential member of our team, we expect you to meet the following criteria:

1) Believe in the prospect of blockchain technology, and recognize the decentralized solutions of blockchain as well as the technology and commercial value of public chains;

2) Feel passionate about the technologies of CSC, and strongly recognize its values;

3) Be proactive and optimistic, and willing to share the relevant progress and dynamics of CSC constantly.

More specifically:Community Sermons should boast unique advantages and insights in respect of community building

Technology Enthusiasts are required to show their expertise in blockchain project development and Project Ambassadors need to be equipped with premium blockchain resources.

The three types of Pioneers are all very important for the CSC ecosystem and will clear the way for CSC’s global expansion.

Host: Haipo, could you please share with us the purpose of the Program?

Haipo: There are several purposes behind the CSC Pioneer Program:

1)CSC is a public chain built for users from all over the world. As such, we hope CSC can draw strength from all crypto experts in its global expansion.

Coming from different regions around the world, CSC Pioneers boast unique advantages in different fields, which will provide a major driving force for the globalization of CSC;

2) At its core, the development of a public chain depends on an expanding ecosystem, which is only possible with a growing community and active developers who continue to experiment with all kinds of development projects on the public chain. We hope that the CSC Pioneer Program will inject new vitality into the CSC community.

On the other hand, we also expect it to introduce CSC to more developers and project teams and convince them to develop their projects on the public chain, thus catalyzing a dynamic ecosystem.

3) CSC remains a young public chain, and we need to explore all methods to attract more users so that it can grow into the cornerstone for blockchain development as soon as possible.

We are confident that Pioneer Program can help us realize this vision.

Host: Haipo, what are the duties of Pioneers?

Haipo: In fact, the job duties of Pioneers are very flexible.

Community Sermons work to help CSC expand its community in different ways. They are required to make the CSC community more active and produce content related to the CSC brand.Technology Enthusiasts focus on technology-relevant work, for example, sharing technical insights, developing programs, writing tutorials, etc.For Project Ambassadors, their core mission is to bring more project teams into CSC by virtue of their influence.

Host: After getting a basic picture of the Pioneer program, more users may be interested in the benefits Pioneers can get. Haipo, what benefits does CSC offer for Pioneers?

Haipo: As I said earlier, we have designed three roles, which come with different rewards. Now, allow me to introduce them.

  • Community Sermon: Once you become a Community Sermon, you will get a fixed monthly salary as well as additional rewards for organizing community events.
  • Technology Enthusiast: As a Technology Enthusiast, you can get a reward ranging from $500 to $2,000 for each online/offline sharing event of technical insights. Moreover, a reward starting from $500 will be available for the development of small functions as required by CSC, with no upper limit. Technology Enthusiasts are also rewarded for producing development tutorials.
  • Project Ambassador: Project Ambassadors can get a reward of 1,500 USDT once the project they recommended is launched on CSC.

By the way, all Pioneers can recommend projects to CSC and get referral rewards. Of course, there will be a review system.

Host: Many users also asked: The social media groups of CSC are not very active and do not have many members. What is CSC’s future plan in this respect?

Haipo: Well, speaking of public chains, community consensus is always an unavoidable topic.

Community building has always been a major part of a public chain. Moreover, the community and the ecosystem form a mutually reinforcing symbiosis. We have always prioritized community building.

In the past few months, CSC has devoted great efforts to improving its basic products. In the future, we will also introduce more measures for community operation. The CSC Pioneer Program, for example, is an attempt to expand our community and ecosystem.

In the subsequent operation of CSC, we will make more efforts for its community, continue to draw more members into the community, and attract more active on-chain addresses.

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